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  2016-2017 Bilingual Department Clubs’ Information

Name President Email Club Advisor
Baseball Hubert Hung [email protected] 張家銘
BDDB Lily Luan, Rennie Jiang  [email protected] Mr. Nave
BDSC Jennifer Hsia  [email protected] Jess Cheng
Biology Joshua Liu [email protected] Ms. Kim Lin
CBC Ethan Wang  [email protected] Mrs. Mackenzie
Cardboard Box Zoe Lin [email protected] Sean Bucholz
Cheerleading Jennifer Hsia  [email protected] Ms. Grace Lin
CinemaScope Studios Jacob Chen [email protected] Eduard Liu
Computer Programming Team Josh Chen [email protected] Casey Feng
D.Co Stephanie Sheu [email protected]  Mrs. Mackenzie
Debate Michael Li, Andrew Wang [email protected] Mr. Gardner
Drama Club Cindy Kim/Isabel Chen [email protected] Matt Chen
Ethereal Elizabeth Li [email protected] Frances Lien
ECC Anne Chen [email protected] John Kosmach
Fellowship Karen Yen [email protected] Ray Chin
Forte Judy Chiang, Lily Luan [email protected] Ms. Faye
GLO Maddy Chen [email protected] Ricky Wu
Global Issues Network Ethan Wang [email protected] Karen Wu
Guitar Club Tan Lue An [email protected] Matt Chen
IBSH A Cappella Yi-Yun Chang [email protected] Ms. Marina Lin
IBSH Cross Country Allen Lin [email protected]  Mr. Ricky
IBSH Cycling Club Allen Chen [email protected] Ms.Crystal Wu
IBSH E-Sport Mark Cheng [email protected] Dr. Alex Fishman
IBSH Newspaper Cindy Kim [email protected] Ms. Marina Lin
IBSH ROAD  Claire Fang [email protected] Mr. Nave
IBSH Swim Team Grace Wang [email protected] 葉文志
IBSH Stand-Up Comedy Jacob Chen/Richard Sang [email protected] Karen Wu
IBSH Volleyball Vivian Fan [email protected] Ms.Han-Yun Chiang
inTUNE Karen Chou [email protected]/[email protected] Mr. Ro
InterACt Rennie Jiang [email protected] Casey Feng
Jubilee Project Lucy Baek [email protected] Marina Lin
Key Club Cindy Lin [email protected] Ms. Peggy
Korean wave & culture club (Kw&c) Hyoun Ji (Lily) Choi [email protected] Ms. Crystal Wu
Lettuce Breathe Amanda Chen [email protected] Mr. Nave
MUN Cindy Lin [email protected] / [email protected] Nini Wang
National Honor Society Maddy Chen [email protected] Ms. Peggy
Orchestra Derrick Chang [email protected] Ms. Chen chao lien
Robotics Club Eric Wang [email protected] Ray Chin
Roots & Shoots Eli Cheung [email protected] Karen Wu
Shutter Lens Light  Jennifer Hsia [email protected] Mr.Eduard
Soccer Alan Lee [email protected] Ice Chan
Student Teaching English Program - STEP for short Ninnie Chiang [email protected] Mr. Patrick
TECH Mark Kuo [email protected] Crystal Wu
Tennis Team Alex Ku [email protected] 宋啟暉
The Inventors  Yining Tsao [email protected] Christine Yin
The Kitchen Grace Wang [email protected] Court Anderson
World Scholar's Cup Club Andrew Wang [email protected] Seth Roberts
Yearbook Cindy Lin [email protected]/[email protected]  Mrs. Lecuyer
UNICEF  Zoe Lin [email protected] Jessica Wang

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